Stress Management for Men | Practical Tips

Usually, we can figure out which positive coping strategies to use to manage the demands of a stressor. Being able to manage stress helps us keep an even keel, think more clearly, and solve problems more effectively.

But when a guy is battling depression, his ability to manage stress can be compromised. He might find himself over-reacting to stressful situations, his thinking clouded, and feeling overwhelmed. This can fuel negative thoughts and further affect his ability to manage stress, causing a downward spiral. In fact, not having the right stress management practices in place can lead to other difficulties when the things we might do to cope with our problems turn into even bigger headaches . . . think of troubles with drugs, alcohol, gambling, and heavy internet use.

Having the right tools in place to manage stress not only helps us deal with day-to-day pressures, but also helps ward off depression. They’re good life skills to have, helping you feel more confident and in control.



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