Watch Kevin Hart Race Usain Bolt With a Head Start


The race was part of an ongoing “feud” between Hart and Bolt through PokerStars, which has featured the two men going head-to-head in various poker challenges since June of last year. The race was part one of a two-part “finale,” the second part being a poker match between Hart and Bolt.

The video opens with their official — the world’s number one poker player, Daniel Negreanu — explaining that the two would race down the beach, and to make it fair, Hart would be given a 30-meter head start.

“Makes sense,” Hart says.

“That doesn’t make sense,” Bolt interjects.

“Just give me my 30 meters, and let me do what I do best and kick your ass,” Hart responded.

The two then line up, Hart considerably closer to the finish line. Then they’re off, and although there’s actually a moment when it looks like Bolt might catch him, Hart ultimately finishes first.

“I whooped his ass! I’m the fastest man in the world!” Hart exclaims, gracious in victory.

To Hart’s credit, he’s no fitness slouch — his upper body workout is no joke, and he even ran the New York City marathon last year. Although claiming to have nabbed the title from Bolt as “Fastest Man in the World” from Bolt seems a little bit of a stretch, there’s no denying Hart was seriously moving when that horn sounded. (Improve your speed with three simple, but effective, moves.)

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