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Time To Talk – February tips

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Starting in February, WISC-TV and SSM Health is starting a new initiative, posting weekly tips on the Time For Kids: Time To Talk page.

These tips are aimed at helping you and your family open up a conversation about mental health, and all of them come from SSM Health physicians.  Some may even help you identify when your kids need a little more support with their mental health.



Every week, you’ll be able to find a new tip on the far right side of the Time To Talk page.  That’s also where you can find a number of resources and articles on the topic of mental health.  The tips will cover a variety of topics, like depression, anxiety, stress, and more.

“Don’t give up is the biggest thing I would say.  Kids are not always receptive to having a conversation, but we can look for different spaces, different times, to just keep at it,” Dr. Kathleen Hipke, a child psychologist with SSM Health, said.  “I think that what kids appreciate is a parent’s persistent effort to say, I care about you and I’m going to keep at this.”

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