Rajiv Mishra: CLP India MD Rajiv Mishra’s fitness mantra: Don’t be desk-bound, get up every hour


Rajiv Mishra, MD of CLP — an investor-operator in the energy sector — describes himself as an avid marathon runner. Apart from participating in all the major marathons in the country, Mishra has left a mark in Bangkok, Ljubljanska, Amsterdam and Hong Kong.

“Over the years I have learned that running affects you at many levels. It truly results in physical and mental well-being. Training for and finishing a marathon has taught me perseverance and patience,” Mishra says.

Also an avid golfer, he sees many similarities between long-distance running and golf. “Both have one feature in common — you are essentially competing against yourself. They have also taught me continuous learning and self- improvement,” he says.

Mishra tries to balance running and his travel expeditions. He says, “The great thing about running is you only need to pack a pair of shoes; and they are a fixture in my travel bag. Since my wife shares a passion for running, when we are on a vacation, we actively try to participate in a new marathon in whichever city we are in, if possible.”
CLP India MD Rajiv Mishra's fitness mantra: Don't be desk-bound, get up every hour

He shares some fitness tips:

1. Each body is different

There is no “ideal” exercise routine which suits all. Listen to your body and figure out what you enjoy the most — for some it may be sports, for others running and for someone else, just lifting weights, swimming or yoga.

2. Do not set unrealistic targets

Take an incremental improvement approach. That way you will ensure that you don’t over-exert and suffer an injury.

3. Be flexible about timings

A busy schedule and hot weather means you may not always be able to go out for a run. Go to a gym in the afternoon, or evening, or if nothing else, go for a brisk walk post-dinner. Remember, any workout is better than no work-out at all.
CLP India MD Rajiv Mishra's fitness mantra: Don't be desk-bound, get up every hour

4. Leave that desk and move

If you have a deskbound job, get up after every hour and take a walk.

5. Look after your diet and your sleep

For diets, remember that anything in moderation is okay. Also, there is no substitute for good sleep.

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