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Rajasthan ranks 20th among 21 larger states in the Health Index report released by NITI Aayog on Friday.

Kerala has topped the Health Index report prepared by NITI Aayog.

According to the report, the overall performance index score of Rajasthan was 36.79 in the reference year 2015-16 compared to 34.55 in the base year 2014-15; the incremental change was 2.2. Despite increase in the composite Health Index scores, the ranking of Rajasthan did not change between base and reference years.

The report states that Rajasthan has deteriorated most in sex ratio at birth (SRB) — number of girls born per 1000 boys. Rajasthan had SRB of 893 in the base year 2014, which decreased to 861 in the reference year 2015 – a decline by 32 points.

Rajasthan slipped in full immunisation from 78.95% in the base year to 78.06% in the reference year, and from 74.67% to 73.85% in institutional deliveries – births at health centres.

Vacancy of specialists at district hospitals went up from 41.47% to 45.77%; birth registration declined from 98.40% in the base year to 98.20% in the reference year, the report said.

Rajasthan has shown improvement in a few indicators, such as neonatal morality rate (NMR) and under-5 mortality rate (U5MR). NMR has come down to 30 per 1000 live births from 32; U5MR declined to 50 in the reference year from 51 in the base year.

The state’s performance improved in total fertility rate (TFR) and low birth percentage (LBW) indicators. TFR has come down by 0.1% from 2.8 to 2.7; LBW has declined to 25.51% from 27.43% in the reference year 2015 compared to the base year 2014.

Releasing the report, NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant said, “The Health Index will act as a tool to leverage cooperative and competitive federalism, accelerating the pace of achieving health outcomes.”

NITI Aayog member Vinod Paul said absolute and incremental changes in health outcomes, as measured by the Health Index, promotes cross-learning between states, capturing the very spirit of cooperative and competitive federalism.

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