It’s Love and Sex Week at UPEI – Prince Edward Island


It’s the sexiest week of the year at UPEI, as Love and Sex Week launched Monday.

The university has been hosting a popular week devoted to sex for the last several years but this year it’s a little different — it’s now Love and Sex Week.

“I think we need to show healthy sexual relationships and realize it’s nothing to be embarrassed about and that students are having sex,” said Megan Rix, vice-president of student life at UPEI. 

“We’re trying to change the conversation because sexual health is so important and I think we need to raise awareness about that.” 

However, plenty of students aren’t having sex or aren’t interested in having sex, Rix said — some choose to remain abstinent, and others are asexual. 

“I wanted to make the week more inclusive by having all of the sex stuff, but also focusing on healthy relationships,” said Rix.

Those relationships, she added, could be with a partner, a family member or friend.

Sex trivia

There was a sex fair Monday, as well as a session called Know Your Roots about healthy relationships. 

Megan Rix UPEISU

‘I wanted to make the week more inclusive by having all of the sex stuff, but also focusing on healthy relationships,’ says Rix. (UPEISU)

On Tuesday, a session called Sex and Ice Cream offers students a “grown-up” recap of sex education. Wednesday, local retailer Wild Impulse is hosting a talk on spicing up your love life, which includes advice on sex toys. Sex trivia, scheduled for Wednesday at The Wave, is the school’s most popular trivia night of the year.

On Thursday, UPEI’s Student Diversity Office is hosting a conversation about self-pleasure, and there’s also a session on bystander training to teach people how to intervene to prevent possible sexual assault.

Rix said consent will be discussed during most of the sessions as well.

There’s also a mingle session Thursday evening for people looking to meet new friends and lovers. 

“Maybe someone who comes to the event will meet the love of their life, or their new best friend, it’s a very inclusive night to come out and meet people,” said Rix.

Free condoms are being distributed at the events all week, along with instructions on making dental dams. Students are also being reminded UPEI’s health centre does screening for sexually transmitted infections.

More info on the event’s Facebook page.  

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