Idaho mental health care: Share your story of crisis, gaps


If you don’t have a mental illness, you probably know someone who does.

Maybe you’ve struggled with bipolar disorder all your life, but weren’t diagnosed until age 45. Maybe it’s your son, who can’t get therapy or medication for severe depression. Maybe it’s your sister, who needs to be in a psychiatric hospital but keeps bouncing from emergency rooms to jail to shelters. Maybe your friend finally got their schizophrenia treated and wants to share their story. Or maybe you work as a police officer, ER nurse or mental health provider.

Whatever your story is, we want to hear it.

The Statesman is working on a yearlong investigation into mental health care in Idaho — especially in rural areas. We’re looking at gaps in the system that cause Idahoans to end up in crisis because they couldn’t get effective mental health care. And we’re looking for solutions.

Please fill out this quick form. We won’t release this information to anyone but Statesman reporter Audrey Dutton, who may use it to contact you for an interview.

Want to talk about mental health with other Idahoans? Want to hear from other Idahoans who’ve been where you are, or who know what resources are available? Join our new Facebook group:

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