How to Stop Waking Up At Night to Pee – Nocturia Treatments


You’re snoozing away soundly when you suddenly awaken—with the urge that you have to pee right now.

So you shuffle off to the bathroom to do your business before climbing back into bed. If you’re lucky, you’ll fall right back asleep, and stay in dreamland until your alarm rings. But if you’re not, you’ll either end up tossing or turning—or falling back asleep, only to waken with the must-pee-now urge a couple hours later (Here are the 7 worst things you do when you can’t sleep).

“It’s bothersome waking up at night to urinate,” says Daniel Shoskes M.D., urologist at the Cleveland Clinic. Not only does it directly harm your sleep, but it can be signaling something more serious, too.

The medical term for excessive urination at night is nocturia. It’s generally defined as the consistent need to wake up to pee once or more each night.

There are two basic reasons why you wake up at night to pee: The first is that you’re making too much urine. If that’s the case, you’ll usually urinate a full amount each time you go, says Dr. Shoskes. This can be due to drinking too much fluids, drug side effects, or even from serious conditions like heart failure, kidney injury, or liver failure.

The second for waking up to pee is that your bladder just thinks you need to go, even if it’s not full. In this case, you’d be peeing a lower volume. This can be due to things irritating your bladder, like inflammation from an infection or an enlarged prostate, he says.

Only your doctor can know for sure what’s causing your nocturia, so if you’re bothered by your nightly habit, make an appointment to have him or her check things out. But here are some things you can try to stop waking up so much to pee.

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